What is drop?

drop is a smart monitor designed to help you maintain your pool or spa.

Drop is a solar powered pool assistant that will help you keep your pool in perfect condition. Simply drop it in your pool and you’re done. The app will create a custom maintenance plan tailored to your specific pool type, size and needs. Drop will notify your phone when the water temperature is perfect for a swim and will keep track of water movement for an extra layer of safety.

  • Enjoy the peace of mind of 24/7 monitoring of your pool’s vitals (pH, chlorine and temperature) at your fingertips.
  • Get notified of movements or activity in your pool.
  • Measure the exact dosage of products to keep your pool clean and safe without the overuse of harsh chemicals.
  • Check on your pool from anywhere and receive alerts on your smartphone thanks to the iOS / Android apps.
  • Compatible with chlorine, salt, and mineral water pools and spas.
  • Drop is solar powered – no charging needed, ever.
  • Protect your investment: imbalanced water can be corrosive on your pool and equipment. Drop helps keep the water safe for you and your pool.
  • Overall Water Quality Score

    When you open the app, you see the water overall score, and you know right away if the water is safe and enjoyable for you and your family.

  • Access the data

    For in depth understanding of your water balance, you can see real-time and historical levels of pH, chlorine and temperature.

  • Custom Maintenance Plan

    Drop prepares a custom maintenance plan tailored to your pool’s type, size and specific needs. In selected locations, we will ship the exact maintenance products you need to your home. Just open the box, throw the content into the water, and keep enjoying your pool.

  • Get notifications

    Receive notifications when activity is detected or when your pool reaches your favorite temperature. Drop will also let you know if your water quality is improving or deteriorating. Drop lets you choose which notifications are relevant to you so you can worry less and enjoy your pool more.

The team

Fernando Zavala

the Engineer

Fernando is a Chilean Engineer passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and social impact projects. He holds a MBA and a MPP from Stanford. He previously worked in banking and government. 

Álvaro Alliende

the Boss

Alvaro is a husband, a father, and an entrepreneur. He's currently finishing a MBA and a MPP at Stanford. Previously he co-founded and lead two non-profits and one company in Latin America.

Emmanuel Laffon de Mazières

the Designer

Emmanuel is a French Industrial Designer. After graduating from ISD (Institut Superieur de Design) he worked for IDEO, Fuseproject Incase and since 2011 Lab126.

Our partners


"It’s really easy to over chlorinate a pool. It can be harmful for swimmers, and especially for children. With drop, all the guesswork is gone since pool owners will know the exact amount of products to pour in."

Jon Buurma, VP at IPSSA Silicon Valley Chapter


"Not only pool owners will benefit from this revolutionary technology. Pool maintainers will also benefit from having a quicker and more precise measurement of pool levels, making the whole process more streamlined and efficient."

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